Phyto Hemp Litter

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For Horses & Small Animals

Made from the soft core of hemp’s stem, Phyto Animal Health’s Hemp Bedding & Litter offers greater absorbency and superior qualities than any other bedding available on the market. This premium, all-natural hemp-based bedding is naturally resistant to microbes, fungi, bacteria, and virus, making it an ideal bedding for horses and small animals, as well as a great alternative for litter boxes. Available to absorb 4x its own weight, Hemp Bedding & Litter requires less labor to service and reduces waste and disposal.

  • Premium, All-Natural Hemp Bedding

  • Produced From Soft Core of Hemp Stem

  • High Absorbency, Low Dust, Reduced Ammonia Smell

  • No Chemical Residues, No Damaging Phenols

  • Available in 33 lb. Bales: 30 in. x 10 in. x 15 in


Natural hemp fiber