Myriam's Story

In 2013, the founders mother Myriam, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor. It was sudden, unexpected, and devastating news. She had always been a strong fighter, able to take on seemingly anything. But she was facing a terminal cancer with a very poor prognosis that kills approximately 90% of victims within five years. Knowing it was their turn to be strong, They began the journey to fight for their mothers life life.


The search for cures leads to cannabis

Their mom was always a big believer in natural healing and frequently used natural remedies to cure various ailments. So, the research for cures included natural as well as conventional treatments. Both led us to cannabis, despite the scarcity of information about CBD and THC at the time. While searching for clinical trials that their mom might qualify for, they came across a promising cannabis and glioblastomas study that was conducted in Spain. That’s when we started to focus on cannabis as a serious option.

Initial online searches yielded little in the way of actionable content. Then they found a few cannabis groups on Facebook and tapped into their members’ wealth of knowledge of and experience with using cannabis oils to treat various ailments, especially cancer. With guidance from our newfound cannabis community, and from watching a few YouTube videos, they figured out how to make healing cannabis oils for their mom. And Myriam’s cannabis journey began.

A healing mix spreads hope

Almost immediately after her diagnosis, Their mom’s health rapidly declined. She lost her ability to speak, her memory worsened, and she started losing control of the entire right side of her body. She also had seizures as her tumor continued to grow. Then she started chemotherapy while using the oils, and that combination made a remarkable difference. Although she never fully regained the use of her right hand, the rest of their mom’s motor skills improved, and she almost seemed like her normal self.

They actively shared their mom’s story on social media, both on their own personal pages and to the cancer/cannabis groups they had joined. Its promise of hope earned cannabis more attention at a time when even the media was starting to take note of its medical potential, particularly for treating epilepsy patients. And as their mom continued to remain stable over time, more and more people came to us for help and advice.

Our greater purpose comes to light

The oils they were making for their mom were not readily available at that time. Only a few places manufactured them, and it was difficult to find a dispensary or delivery service that carried them—or even knew where to find them. Those who could get them charged a hefty price.

The best and sometimes only option was to make the oils at home, but that required inexperienced people to navigate a complex, hours-long process that demanded a good air filtration system to curb the pungent smell that’s emitted during manufacturing. Facing these obstacles and desperate to help their own loved ones, many people started asking us to make oils for them. That’s when we realized what we needed to do.

Myriam’s Hope helps improve life

They created Myriam’s Hope in 2013 to give everyone access to the oils that helped improve our mom’s quality of life during her illness and gave us all hope when we needed it the most. Their mother passed away in October 2014 due to complications, but she didn’t die in vain. Her cancer journey has helped thousands of people all over the world get access to clean, affordable, reliable oils that help make life better.


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