CBD CryoGel 300mg

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Targets your skin’s needs and deeply penetrates to sore muscles & tissue.

First to market with an all-natural gel that not only helps to relieve pain, but is also Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-GE, and made with all-natural and organic components. All other analgesic gels in the marketplace including major brands such as Elginex, Icy Hot and DeepFreeze include toxic parabens and stabilizers, industrial polymers such as Carbomer and Bovine derived gelatins.

Instructions: Use it three or four times daily. Apply to affected areas and non-sensitive skin around pain, arthritis and swollen muscles. Some results may vary depending on your general health.



CBD CryoGel infuses 99.9% pure CBD with 3% USP Menthol Crystals, 3% Organic Camphor Extract, Pure Filtered Water, Organic Glucomannan Extract and USP 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Lab Results

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