CBD Coach

Why does someone need a CBD coach?


There is so much misinformation out there regarding CBD products and it can be confusing for most people. It is very important to make sure you are getting the right information and choosing the right products for your specific needs. CBD is a very new product on the market and it is popping up everywhere and in everything at the moment. However, NOT all CBD is created equal so caution should be taken when choosing any CBD product.

The cannabis plant is a bio-accumulator (they used it at Chernobyl to clean up the soil) so its extremely important to ensure that the plant is grown in a clean and organic manner and that you can track any CBD from seed to final product. It needs to be 3rd party tested for purity and manufactured in a GM (Good Manufacturing) approved facility.

EVERYONE’S ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. This can not be stressed enough… everyone’s needs are different! The type of CBD and dosage will be unique to each person, so it can take a little time to find the best product, dosage and delivery for every individual. But, it’s well worth the effort because the results can be wonderful. Most people need CBD coaching services for about 30 to 90 days to get the most benefit from any of their CBD products and ensure proper dosage.

Having a certified CBD coach available, that can help navigate your CBD requirements and get you on track, can be invaluable for your health and progress with CBD.

Some of the most common questions that are explained and covered during coaching sessions:

What type of CBD products should I be taking?

What are the cleanest products on the market and why is that so important?

How much CBD should I take? What is my perfect dosage?

What is the best method for me? Tincture, oil, edibles, cream, or inhalable?

How often should I be taking it? How do I titrate up with my dosage?

Should I take a broad spectrum or isolate?

Can I take it with my medications?

What are the precautions with CBD?

How do I know it is working? What should I be feeling?

How do I track my progress?

Should I micro-dose throughout the day vs a normal dosage?

Will it work for me? I have (fill in the blank) issue. What can I expect?

What if I don’t have any issues but I want to increase my Endocannabinoid tone?

How long does it take to feel the effects and how long does it last? Edibles vs Tictures vs Oils vs Cream

Where can I find CBD products?

Just to name a few…

A CBD coach can help ensure your success with CBD so you reap the benefits of this wonderful substance as quickly as possible.


Includes: one on one coaching for CBD supplementation, client history, dosage recommendations, contraindications, recommended products and type of delivery method, specific options tailored to symptoms, dosage tracking jotter, overall health evaluation, access resources and referrals to healthcare team along with other holistic modalities to compliment your plan. 

Single Session Coaching Service (30 minutes) $60

Single Session Coaching Service (1 hour) $120

Package of 10 Sessions (30 minutes each) $540

Sessions can be in-person, phone, or web video.